Germans demand peace with Russia

The Socialist Party of Germany is marching in the center of Berlin. Tens of thousands of left-wing supporters took to the streets of the capital with numerous demands.

The demonstration was held as part of commemorative events dedicated to the next anniversary of the assassination of the leaders of the German communist movement Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht.

The crowd of thousands expressed its demands in the slogans – “End the sanctions against Russia”, “Peace with Russia instead of World War 3”, “Germany-won from NATO, NATO-won from Germany”, “Crimea-Russian”, “NATO hands away from Russia ”,“ Bundeswehr-won from the Baltic ”,“ American troops-won from Germany ”.

At the moment, it is known that the action is taking place peacefully. The march found support among most residents of the German capital.

This time there were many posters of the German association “Victims of the Nazi regime – the Union of anti-fascists”.

The protesters also focused on posters criticizing NATO’s planned Defender 2020 maneuvers, as well as demands to recognize Crimea as Russian.