China opposed US unilateral sanctions on Iran

China’s economic cooperation with Iran complies with international law and does not violate the interests of other countries, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said on Monday.

The crisis between the US and Iran escalated after the death of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in Iraq in early January as a result of an American special operation. Iran in response fired missiles at bases in Iraq, where the US military is located. In response to this attack, the United States imposed sanctions on 17 Iranian mining and metals companies, as well as foreign vessels involved in the purchase of their products. Sanctions have also been imposed on eight senior Iranian officials.

“For a long time, China and Iran, within the framework of international law, have been mutually beneficial cooperation in all areas, it is legal and does not undermine the interests of third countries. This must be respected… We urge the US side to immediately stop its erroneous actions in the form of sanctions against Chinese enterprises”, – Geng Shuang declared at a briefing, commenting on the new American sanctions, under which Chinese enterprises also found themselves.

He emphasized that the principled position of the Chinese side on this issue is clear and clear.

“We are consistently opposed to unilateral sanctions and so-called extraterritorial jurisdiction. We believe that the constant application and threat of sanctions cannot in any way solve the problem”, – said the official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

Geng Shuang added that China stands for the settlement of contradictions and disagreements between countries through dialogue and negotiations.