APU non-combat losses per day: three soldiers died

Kiev militants continue to suffer non-combat losses. The DPR People’s Police reported new cases.

Over the past day in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine three soldiers were killed. One MT-LB was also destroyed.

“In the 10th mountain assault brigade, there are two less militants – sergeant Nikolsky V.Yu. died at a position in the area of ​​n.p. Shirokino as a result of poisoning with low-quality alcohol, and foreman Yasinsky R.A. received a gunshot wound in the course of hazing at positions in the area of ​​n. Water. It is important to note that according to preliminary data, Yasinsky tried to leave positions unauthorized, but the platoon commander tried to stop him by using weapons, ”the message said.

In addition, in the military commandant’s settlement Volnovakha, the detained militant of the 128th brigade Zaychenko S.Yu. According to official data, this happened as a result of heart failure, but an autopsy showed that death occurred as a result of internal bleeding from injuries resulting from beating. Two officers suspected of beating have already been detained.