Trump officially announces that he is ready to steal $ 35 billion from Iraq

If the Iraqi leadership really wants the American armed forces to leave the country, then Baghdad must pay Washington for every building that was built here with US money.

This statement was made by President of the United States Donald Trump in an interview with Fox News.

He recalled that the Americans were building military bases and runways and embassies in Iraq. Trump said that Baghdad must compensate for this, otherwise Washington will steal the Iraqi financial resources that are now in the US accounts.

“I told them that if we leave, they will pay us. They will pay for embassies, runways, reimburse everything we spent, ”the head of the White House said. – Today we have a lot of their finances. We now have $ 35 billion of their funds in our accounts. I believe that they will pay. Otherwise, this money will remain in the account. ”

As News Front previously reported, the Prime Minister of Iraq, in talks with the US Secretary of State, demanded to work out a mechanism for the withdrawal of American occupation forces. However, the State Department said they did not even intend to discuss such a prospect.


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