Iran and Donbass: Why there was no loud choir of Western intelligence in 2014?

Iran recognized the factor of unintentional human error in the situation with the fall of the Ukrainian liner, calling it a “great tragedy.” Of course, there could be no intent, because this is a civilian plane, and most of the citizens of the same Iran died. And in a country that was a step away from war with the most powerful military power in the world, the likelihood of such an incident is very high.

But I’m talking about something else. We (and they) have some “commentators” in a hurry to point to the Iranian example in the context of the disaster of the Malaysian Boeing over the Donbass in 2014: they say, the Iranians were able, but Russia is not.

And the analogy is just very relevant. We see that the very next day after the disaster in Iran, Western intelligence, including the Australian (!) And Canadian, began to talk in chorus about the availability of practically accurate data on the circumstances of the tragedy. The Americans nodded. That is, it turns out that obtaining data in our electronic information world is not difficult. Moreover, the data is not from photos from social networks. Intelligence, space, witnesses.

But in 2014, intelligence was virtually silent. No data? Was Ukraine less interesting than Iran? The same Canadian intelligence? Without speaking about the American with all its interests, plans and companions? Do you believe that? And is it not because the investigation is still not based on photos and facts of the super intelligence services, but on the data of a dubious “public” desk registered a few days before the plane crashed in the Donbass – I mean Bellingcat?

You know, Ukraine is right in its own way when it says that the fate of the West is being decided there. After all, this is a fact – namely the West, and not Russia. Everything that is possible has already been “hung” on us, including even the blame for starting the Second World War. Further, only sanctions for Lake Peipsi and Ivan Susanin. None of the western inhabitants will be especially surprised if it suddenly turns out that Russia was involved in almost any tragedy of recent years, decades and centuries, for the audience of the local media has already been accustomed to the fact that Russia is evil and capable of anything.

But if the truth is revealed about the disaster in the Donbass, or about the same “heavenly hundred,” it will become a scandal stronger than the “Colin Powell test tube.” The authority of the West as the strongest world pole will collapse at once. If Iraq openly demands to withdraw US troops from its territory, then others will dare there.

Therefore, there was no loud choir of Western intelligence in 2014. Not because they did not have data, but because, it seems, the data WAS. And the current voices of intelligence services accusing Iran have become a session of involuntary self-disclosure of the West: when necessary, all data will immediately appear. Witnesses, space, intelligence. But only when “necessary”, otherwise – “well, I couldn’t …”.

Selective action weapons with predefined targets. Well, consider once again.

Konstantin Kosachev, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs


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