Clear fulfillment of the DPRK conditions: Pyongyang will no longer buy Trump’s bootleg

US President Donald Trump is trying to demonstrate ostentatious friendliness towards North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. However, this will not be a reason for concessions from Pyongyang in the negotiations on denuclearization.

This statement was made by DPRK Deputy Foreign Minister Kim Ke Gwan, commenting on the decision of Donald trump to congratulate Kim Jong Un on his birthday.

According to the North Korean diplomat, such gestures in no way contribute to resolving the crisis in the negotiations between the United States and the DPRK. Kim Ke Gwan recalled that Washington openly deceived Pyongyang, and in this regard, North Korea lost a whole year.

“If the personal relations of President Trump and the head of the DPRK Kim Jong-un are really good, it’s about personal emotions. It is obvious that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will not continue to deceive and waste time, ”the representative of the diplomatic mission said.

He stressed that there would be no more negotiations to destroy all the republic’s nuclear facilities in exchange for only partial lifting of sanctions.

“If the United States really wants to continue negotiations, they will have to fully comply with our requirements,” said Kim Ke Gwan.