“Alcoholic” corpse of the leader of the Kiev militants found in the Donbass gutter

The platoon commander of unmanned aerial vehicles of the 131st AFU reconnaissance battalion finished the Christmas celebration in the gutter, where he died from hypothermia.

This was announced on Saturday, January 11, by the official representative of the People’s Police of the DPR Dmitry Astrakhan, citing intelligence data.

According to him, the body of the punisher was found on the morning of January 8 with signs of hypothermia. And in the process of clarifying the circumstances of death, it became known that on January 7 he was drinking, celebrating Christmas.

“According to our intelligence, on the morning of January 8, a body was found in the gutter near the positions of the 10th fire brigade near the village of Shyrokyne without signs of life of the platoon commander of unmanned aerial vehicles of the 131st reconnaissance battalion of senior lieutenant V. Panchenko According to preliminary data, the cause of death was hypothermia. During the preliminary investigation, it was established that the day before, on January 7, Panchenko used alcohol, ”said the representative of the DPR people’s militia.