Trump suggested that Iran did not want to cause severe damage to US

The US President Donald Trump suggested that Iran did not want to inflict heavy damage on the United States during rocket attacks on military bases in Iraq, where the US military is located.

Earlier, the US Vice President Mike Pence said that the US administration did not believe the allegations that Iran deliberately escaped the killing of the US troops during missile attacks on US military bases in Iraq.

“No one died, no one was even hurt… There were 16 of them (missiles – ed.), four of them didn’t reach the position… Perhaps they didn’t want to hit, or something happened. No one was injured. I think that I was very pleasantly surprised”, – Trump said in an interview with ABC.

On Wednesday night, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps announced a retaliation operation for the assassination of General Kassem Suleimani as a result of an American special operation in Iraq. Land-to-ground missiles were fired from Iran at the Ein al-Assad base in western Iraq and the base in Erbil, where the US military contingent is located, who lead the international coalition against ISIS*. According to Washington, none of the US citizens was injured in the blow, only material damage was done.

Trump made an appeal to the nation on Wednesday, where he said that Washington would limit itself to introducing new sanctions and continuing the policy of maximum pressure on Iran. Media later reported that the US Permanent Representative to the UN, Kelly Kraft, sent a letter to the UN Security Council, in which she said that the US was ready for negotiations with Iran without preconditions to reduce tensions in the region.

*-Terrorist organization banned in Russia