Trump calls Soleimani’s assassination “just” during his pre-election campaign

The assassination of the Iranian general Qassem Soleimani was the subject of Trump’s campaign in Ohio on Thursday. This election rally was the first during his 2020 pre-election campaign. Such a statement provoked active support of the protesters who agreed with the President’s statement that “this death saved numerous lives and ensured the American justice”.

Trump rejected criticism from Democrats who claimed he had abused his authority by directing the the US military to strike at the Quds Iranian military commander at the Airport in Baghdad.

He accused Soleimani of organizing violent protests by Iran-supported groups at the US Embassy in Baghdad. Trump, who uses the policy of supporting the US military, said that he did not send American troops to protect the embassy, ​​the demonstrators could capture and kill the American military, repeating the assault on the US diplomatic facility in 2011.

“Last week, the United States again took bold and decisive action to save the lives of Americans and ensure American justice”, – he said.

“Soleimani actively planned new attacks, and he looked very seriously at all our embassies, not only at the embassy in Baghdad, but we stopped him, we stopped him quickly, and we stopped him decisively”, – Trump said.