The United States chose a deliberately failed strategy for Iran – the Bundestag was reminded of the Russian factor

Today, the US administration is trying to advance its interests in the Middle East by force, but this approach will not ensure victory in the regional confrontation.

This statement was made by Jurgen Hardt, speaker of the CDU faction in Bundestag on foreign policy issues.

According to him, the European Union and NATO need to take a constructive position in the Middle East, play a demonstrably important role in resolving the situation with Iran, including the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. An obstacle to this is the strategy of the United States.

“A nuclear deal is the best we can offer. One Arabic proverb says that one bird is better in hands than one hundred birds on a tree. We also have one. In my opinion, today the US strategy, which is different from ours, to exert maximum pressure with the goal of, let’s say, bringing Iran to its knees, is a failure. It’s hard for me to believe that Russia and China, which have a serious influence in the Security Council [UN], will go for it”, – the German parliamentarian explains.

According to him, given this factor, it is necessary to rely on a diplomatic decision.

“We – the European Union, NATO, the entire Western bloc – need to play an important role, but to do this through diplomacy, and not by military means. So we won’t win the confrontation”, – Hardt concluded.

As News Front previously reported, the American armed forces carried out a resonant and extremely provocative attack, the victim of which was the commander of the elite Iranian unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Al-Quds Qasem Soleimani. The blow was inflicted by personal order of President Donald Trump, allegedly with the aim of “protecting the US personnel abroad”.

In response, Iranian forces attacked US military installations in Iraq. The operation was called the “Martyr Soleimani”. As a result of the attack, several fighters were damaged. According to some reports, several aircraft were destroyed. At the same time, Donald Trump said that there were no casualties from the incident.


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