More punitives were put down by diseases than by military actions – gloomy statistics of the Donbass conflict has been voiced in Kiev

The number of the participants in the punitive operation in the Donbass who died from various diseases turned out to be more than the number of Kiev militants who died during the hostilities.

This was told by the former chief military prosecutor Anatoly Matios in an interview with the Ukrainian publication Censor.

The ex-official announced the data for the entire period of the punitive operation. According to him, from 2014 to 2019, 3,379 militants were killed by disease. Moreover, according to official figures, the number of combat losses is 3031 fighters. At the same time, over 10.7 thousand punishers were injured for non-military reasons. In battle, only a thousand more were damaged.

Matios drew attention to the fact that such generalized statistics in Ukraine are not provided at all, since in the past the data was systematized by the now liquidated military prosecutor’s office.

“If we want to have a combat-ready army and power structures, to reduce non-combat losses, we must immediately create a system of military justice. The army follows orders and charters if there is a command, military prosecutor’s office, military police with investigation and military courts following the example of Israel”, – he said.