Iran could replenish its nuclear club in a year

If Tehran is not convinced to return to the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan on Iran’s nuclear programme, the Islamic Republic will be able to acquire nuclear weapons in the foreseeable future.

This statement was made by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of France, Jean-Yves Le Drienne.

“If they do not comply with the terms of the Vienna agreement in the future, then of course in the short term – in one or two years – they will have access to nuclear weapons”, – е said the French official.

As News Front reported earlier, Iranian authorities have announced that they have terminated most of their nuclear programme obligations under the PRSA. This happened against the backdrop of a high-profile and highly provocative attack by the U.S. military that targeted Qasem Suleimani, commander of the elite Iranian unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The strike was carried out on the personal order of President Donald Trump, allegedly in order to “protect U.S. personnel abroad”.

Fearing that Iran would acquire nuclear weapons, Estonian MP Urmas Paet has already demanded new sanctions. He did not rule out that other countries of the region would also want nuclear weapons after Iran. However, Germany insists on finding a constructive solution to the situation. Jurgen Hardt, a representative of the “CDU/CSS” faction, called the American strategy of maximum pressure on Iran unrealizable as Russia and China will not allow to break the Islamic republic.


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