Regular demonstrations against pension reform begin in France

A nationwide strike continues in the country, within the framework of which this is the fourth demonstration. The demonstration exacerbated problems with public transport and the railway.
Mass demonstrations against pension reform are taking place in France. It is reported by Ukrinform on Thursday, January 9.

Regular demonstrations against pension reform begin in France

The fourth mass demonstration takes place on the 36th day of the nationwide strike. In connection with the actions, interruptions in the functioning of the national railway and public transport, in particular in Paris, have intensified.

The next round of negotiations between the government and the unions is scheduled for Friday. But this does not preclude the continuation of mass protests on Saturday, as previous negotiations on January 7 failed.

Transport workers are unhappy with the pension reform, who will lose the opportunity to retire after 51 years. The reform will also affect the professional career of ballet dancers, who can now retire at 42. Educational workers, doctors, and representatives of many other industries also take part in strikes.

Representatives of the oil refining industry and oil product storage workers who threatened to block access to storage facilities, which could lead to deterioration in the supply of oil products to the market, also joined the strike.

As you know, since December 5, France has been holding a nationwide strike against pension reform, as a result of which some categories of the French may lose a number of privileges and special retirement regimes.

Earlier in Paris, 90 people were detained during protests. In France, more than 800 thousand people took to the street protests against the planned pension reform.


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