In Ukraine the loss of revenues from the launch of “Turkish Stream” was estimated at $450 million per year

Ukraine will lose about $450m dollars a year due to the launch of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, Sergey Makogon, General Director of the Ukrainian Gas Transport System Operator, said.

“We will look for new markets. We offer the capacity of this gas pipeline (southern direction – IF) to other suppliers, and if there is a resource of gas in this region, which will be economically viable for import to Ukraine, the suppliers will be able to use our GTS”, – he said at a press conference in “Interfax” on Thursday.

Earlier, Makogon said that from January 1, 2020, gas transit through Ukraine will be carried out only for Romania and Moldova, since Bulgaria, Turkey and other countries in this region will no longer receive gas through Ukraine. Because of this, gas transit through Ukraine in 2020 decreased by about 15 billion cubic meters. m

In turn, the Executive Director of “Naftogaz” Yuriy Vitrenko drew attention to the fact that the new operator should learn how to earn money by providing additional services, since the loading of the gas transmission system of Ukraine is 90-110 billion cubic meters. m is already impossible.

“We must be aware that the volumes of the pipeline have already been built. And, unfortunately, we have lost these volumes, and the possibility of their compensation, to be honest, is unrealistic. We should expect that the volumes of transit through Ukraine are unlikely to be the same as before”, – he said.

The Turkish Stream gas pipeline directly connects the Turkish gas transportation system with gas supplies to Turkey, Southern and Southeast Europe. This pipeline will supply up to 31.5 billion cubic meters. gas per year. The “Turkish Stream” has been operating since January 1, 2020, supplying gas from Russia to Bulgaria and to the west of Turkey instead of the previously existing Trans-Balkan route, through Moldova and Romania.