Expert: Ukraine risks losing patronage of the USA and Europe

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko announced the intention of Ukraine to abandon the Minsk Agreements if elections in the Donbass are not held in 2020.

Expert: Ukraine risks losing patronage of the USA and Europe

About this writes the publication “PolitExpert”.

Military expert Boris Podoprigora believes that due to events in the Middle East, the topic of Ukraine will not be so relevant.

“Everything that is happening in the Middle East is setting the agenda in Europe in many respects, too. Against this background, Ukrainian issues are clearly moving away from the first three places”, – the expert noted.

According to Podoprigora, Zelensky is currently at risk of losing detailed patronage from both the United States and Europe. According to the expert, “the situation in Ukraine will depend on a whole complex of other events and trends that are not formally related to Kiev”. In this regard, Priestayko’s statement is inappropriate with regard to the conditions for canceling the Minsk Agreements, “there are too many other topics that are pushing the Ukrainian out of the global agenda”.

In addition, the expert draws attention to the existence of a split in Zelensky’s environment.


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