Ukrainian Boeing 737 aircraft crashes flying to Kiev from Tehran

The Ukrainian Boeing 737 aircraft crashed shortly after flying to Kiev from Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport (Iran).

There were 180 passengers onboard, the fate of which is still unknown. It is reported about 171 passengers and 9 crew members.

But the fact of the crash has already been confirmed by the Iranian News Agency, CNN and Reuters. The information was also confirmed by the head of the Tehran airport named after Imam Khomeini. – He said that the plane crashed shortly after takeoff.

Presumably, this is a flight PS 752 Tehran – Kiev.

From the arrival board on the website of Kiev Boryspil Airport it follows that the plane should have landed at 08:10 local time.

Kiev airport did not have information about a possible crash of the Ukrainian side near Tehran and still expected it by 8 in the morning.

According to preliminary voiced data, the crash is due to technical reasons and has nothing to do with the situation in the region escalating and today’s shelling of US military bases by Iranian missiles.

But what the passenger plane did in the sky in the current situation is a big question.