The Chinese Foreign Ministry called on the US and Iran to demonstrate restraint and resolve their contradictions peacefully

The situation in the Middle East remains complex and sensitive, noted Beijing.

Beijing calls on Washington and Tehran to exercise restraint, engage in dialogue and resolve differences peacefully. At a briefing on Wednesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang commented on Iran’s missile strike against two US military bases in Iraq.

“At present, the situation in the Middle East remains complex and sensitive. China is closely following the developments in the situation. We call on the parties concerned to exercise restraint. China believes that the parties concerned should, on the basis of mutual respect, resolve differences and frictions through dialogue, negotiations and other peaceful means, and together maintain peace and stability in the region”, –  the diplomat said.

“We have repeatedly stated that the gradual deterioration of the situation in the Middle East is not in the interests of either party. Peace and stability in this region is important for the whole world”,-  he said. According to the Foreign Ministry spokesman, China will play a constructive role for early stabilization of the situation in the Middle East.

According to Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman, Iran launched a missile attack on at least two military facilities used by the United States in Iraq. According to the information he has provided, the Ain al-Assad base and Erbil airport were shelled. More than a dozen rockets were allegedly used.