EU’s foreign affairs chief Borrell warns of ‘violence escalation’ in Libya

The EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell has warned of the “escalation of violence” in Libya and said the EU rejects Turkish plans to send troops to the North African country.

EU's foreign affairs chief Borrell warns of 'violence escalation' in Libya

“We ask for a ceasefire and for a stop to the escalation, which has been increasing in the last days”, Borrell said.

“We are asking for a diplomatic solution on the understanding that there is not a military solution in Libya.”

Turkey intervening with military personnel in Libya is “something we [the EU] are against”, Borrell added. It would, he said, “increase the external interference” in Libya’s conflict.

“It’s not a matter of force, the EU is not using force”, he said. “We will continue to talk to all Libyan actors.”

Borrell met on Tuesday in Brussels with the foreign ministers of France, Italy, Germany and the UK to discuss the Libyan situation.


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