US Congress proposes to limit Trump’s military powers

The US House of Representatives will present and vote in favor of a resolution restricting President Donald Trump’s military powers against Iran, speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement on her website.

“This week, the chamber will present and vote for a resolution on military powers to limit the president’s military actions against Iran”, – she said.

The statement also indicates that the proposed resolution is similar to that introduced by the Democratic Senator Tim Kane to the Senate. She proposes to legally ban Trump from conducting military operations against Iran without congressional approval.

“It (resolution – ed.) reaffirms the long-standing oversight responsibilities of the congress, establishing that if no further congressional decisions follow, the administration’s military actions against Iran will cease within 30 days”, – the press release said.

On the night of January 3, the US military conducted an operation near the international airport in the Iraqi capital against the commander of the Al-Quds special forces, General Kassem Suleimani and the deputy head of the Iraqi Shiite militia, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. In Washington, they believe that they were involved in organizing the assault on the American embassy in December 2019.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has warned that Suleymani’s death will not go unanswered. Trump, in turn, promised to deliver a “quick and powerful blow” to 52 targets in Iran in the event of an attack on the Americans.

The international community has called on Washington and Tehran to restrain themselves.


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