Payment for killing of Soleimani: expulsion of the US, Iranian elite troops’ plans are announced

The United States armed forces will leave the Middle East. This will be compensation for the assassination of Iranian general Kassem Soleimani.

Such a statement was made by the new commander of the elite Iranian division of the Al-Quds Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Ismail Qaani.

“We promise to continue to go the dear martyr Soleimani with the same strength”, – he said.

“The only payment for us will be the expulsion of the United States from the region”, – he added.

As News Front previously reported, last Friday the American armed forces carried out a resonant and extremely provocative attack, the victim of which was the commander of the elite Iranian unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Al-Quds Kassem Suleimani.

The blow was inflicted by personal order of President Donald Trump, allegedly with the aim of “protecting US personnel abroad”. The situation was commented on by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, calling the assassination of the military leader “an act of international terrorism”.

At the same time, the International Crisis Group stated that, by his decision, Trump not only runs the risk of drawing the United States into the conflict, which he promised to avoid, but also puts an end to the chances of a peaceful settlement of the situation in the Middle East.