Trump announced his readiness to deliver a “quick and powerful blow to Iran”

Trump announced his readiness to deliver a “quick and powerful blow to Iran”The US President Donald Trump announced his readiness to attack Iran, if the latter attacks American property or citizens of the country.

The American leader said that the United States “saved the world from the leader of the terrorists”, who, he said, killed many people in his life, “including recently hundreds of Iranian protesters”. He also recalled the attack on the US embassy, ​​calling Iran “a problem for many years”.

“Let this serve as a WARNING that if Iran strikes Americans or American property, we will target 52 positions in Iran (according to 52 American hostages captured by Iran many years ago), some high-level and significant for Iran and Iranian culture, and these goals, like Iran itself, will be subjected to a quick and powerful blow. The US no longer wants any threats”, – Trump wrote on Twitter.

He strongly advised the Iranian authorities not to attack again, as in this case the US “will hit them harder than ever before”.

In addition, Trump said the United States spent two trillion dollars on military equipment.

“If Iran attacks the American base or any American, we will send some of this brand new and excellent equipment in their direction… and without hesitation!” – the US president wrote.

The Pentagon on January 2 confirmed that the United States conducted an operation against the commander of the Al-Quds special forces of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Kassem Suleimani in the area of ​​the Baghdad airport. Along with him, ten more people were killed, including officers of the IRGC and high-ranking figures of the Shiite militia of Iraq. The attack was executed with the approval of Donald Trump.

Russian Defense Ministry officials called US actions a “short-sighted” move. According to representatives of the ministry, the current situation could lead to a sharp escalation in the Middle East.


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