“Church” protests resumed in Montenegro

Several thousand people took part in peaceful protests in the capital Podgorica and several other cities.
In Montenegro, several thousand people on Wednesday, January 2, held protests against the bill on religious property, the agency reported.

Peaceful protests took place in the capital Podgorica and several other cities. Earlier protests were held in the cities of Niksic and Budva. Law enforcement officers used tear gas to disperse the protesters. As a result of the riots, dozens of people were detained.
Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic said he will seek autocephaly for the Montenegrin church following the example of Ukraine. The opposition has proposed over 150 amendments to the new bill, but they have not been taken into account.
Parliament passed the law. The vote ended in a mass brawl. Police detained 18 deputies, three of them remain in custody.