Berlin suggests to impose sanctions against the US for human rights violations on the border with Mexico

Germany should not put up with the US attempts to tell her who to cooperate with and who not.

“The United States wants to make decisions in our place, to indicate with whom to do business, and with whom – not. It is unacceptable for us to put up with this. We are not the 51st American state, ”the politician said.

According to him, Washington’s punitive measures are “unceremonious” intervention, which has not been observed since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Nevertheless, Schroeder expressed confidence that Nord Stream-2 would soon be completed and launched, no matter how Washington tried to prevent it. He also drew attention to the hypocritical motivation with which the United States took such a dubious step. If the States thus want to ensure the “energy security” of Europe, then Berlin can respond with the same care, the politician notes.

“Maybe we should take in parliament, for example, anti-American sanctions under the law on the protection of human rights on the US border with Mexico? Moreover, there are reasons for this, ”concluded the former chancellor of Germany.

As News Front previously reported, the new US sanctions caused a storm of indignation in Germany, given that they hit precisely its interests in the energy sector. In Berlin, they already proposed to react to such a step by Washington with joint mirror measures with Russia, which would demonstrate Eurasian unity. Nevertheless, as the representative of the German government said, there will be no response from Berlin, because the restrictions are aimed at private companies, and not at the state. In Russia, they were assured that the project would be completed, contrary to the aspirations of the United States.


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