Ukraine becomes a problem for the American “energy occupation” of Europe

Washington has always positioned the Nord Stream 2 project as a slap in the face to Ukraine. By this, the American administration motivated its struggle with the Russian gas pipeline, but the situation took an unexpected turn.

About this journalist Kenneth Raposa in an article for the American edition of Forbes.

According to him, the United States was seriously late with its sanctions against Nord Stream-2. First of all, Washington’s demands to “cease activities immediately” related to the construction of the gas pipeline are absurd when the project is almost completed. Implementing punitive measures against companies will take 2 months. During this time, construction can be successfully completed. Moreover, Russia can do this on its own.

At the same time, Raposa notes another unpleasant moment for the United States related to the fact that Moscow and Kiev nevertheless came to an agreement on gas transit through the Ukrainian gas transmission system. Thus, if the States continue to demand from Europe not to buy Russian gas, this will be a blow to the economy of Ukraine – a country that Washington calls “an important regional partner.”

“These sanctions are extremely negligible, especially since they were introduced too late,” says the author of the article. “They will not be appreciated even by those who oppose Russia.”

As News Front previously reported, the new US sanctions caused a storm of indignation in Germany, given that they hit precisely its interests in the energy sector. In Berlin, they proposed to react to such a step by Washington with joint mirror measures with Russia, which would demonstrate Eurasian unity. Nevertheless, as the representative of the German government said, there will be no response from Berlin, because the restrictions are aimed at private companies, and not at the state. Moscow was assured that the project will be completed in the coming months.