Impeachment is a game without rules: Republicans in the US Senate can pervert the Democrats’ gamble

The consideration of the case of impeachment of the president at the level of the upper house of the US Congress is not burdened by any specific rules, because the republican majority here is free to establish their own.

Such a statement was made by Senator John F. Kennedy of the Republican Party of the United States, speaking on the CNN television channel.

“When it comes to impeachment, there is only one rule – there are practically no specific rules,” he said, noting that this alignment opens up a wide field for maneuvers to the Senate.

Kennedy emphasizes that the procedure for removal of the president “is not a criminal process”, however, it does not have any standards of evidence, as well as the rules for their provision. Considering that the rules for considering a case will be established by an ordinary majority, the situation in the upper house is completely under the control of the Republicans, who occupy 53 out of 100 places here.

At the same time, the head of the Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, has already stated that he would like to listen to testimonies and ask questions before making any decisions. In addition, he does not hide the fact that he “fully coordinates” his actions with the administration of Donald Trump.

In this regard, as John F. Kennedy notes, the Senate may appoint a committee to hear additional evidence through the head of the Supreme Court.

As News Front previously reported, the defiled Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden may appear before the Senate, although he had previously categorically denied such a prospect.

Democrats are aggressively trying to overthrow Donald Trump from the presidency. Initially, he was accused of conspiring with Russia, which allegedly intervened in the 2016 presidential election. In this regard, a large-scale investigation, called “RussiaGate,” was initiated. However, evidence of Trump’s connection with Moscow was never found.

Later, the Democrats began to accuse the head of the White House of “pressure” on the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. The fact is that Trump was counting on the assistance of the new Kiev authorities in disclosing information that compromised his Democratic opponent in the upcoming elections, Joe Biden.

The latter, being vice president of Barack Obama, blackmailed Petro Poroshenko, having secured the dismissal of the prosecutor general, who was investigating financial fraud in the company of Biden Jr. Democrats could not allow the disclosure of these scandalous facts, so they decided to launch a counterattack in the form of impeachment proceedings.