Biden explains reluctance to impeach Trump

The US presidential candidate Joe Biden explained his reluctance to testify under impeachment to Donald Trump that the Republicans have no legal basis.

“I’m not going to pretend that there are any legal grounds on the Republican agendas for my testimony in the case of impeachment. This impeachment refers to the behavior of Trump, and not mine”, – Biden wrote on his Twitter.

According to him, the summons should go to the White House to explain the situation with Ukraine, and not to him.

Earlier in December, the House of Representatives of the US Congress voted on the Democrats to impeach Trump in two ways. The case should be sent to the Senate, where the Republican majority intends to acquit Trump. However, the speaker of the lower house, Nancy Pelosi, has still not formalized the transfer of the case to the Senate and has not appointed a group of congressmen who should represent the prosecution at the Senate trial.

Trump became the third president in history to be impeached. Democrats say he delayed congressional support for Ukraine, approved by Congress, demanding in return for political service from President Vladimir Zelensky in the form of an investigation against Trump’s opponent Joe Biden. Thus, Trump exceeded his authority, and then also prevented Congress from investigating, the impeachment resolution says. The American President, in turn, stated that he demanded that the Ukrainian authorities only fight corruption.


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