Washington nervously demands negotiations with Moscow – US not keeping up with Russian military technologies

The United States finds itself in an extremely disadvantageous situation after supersonic missile systems took up combat duty in Russia. Now the American defense industry has to catch up, but time is not on its side.

This is stated in the material of The New York Times.

The publication emphasized that the speed and maneuverability of the Russian Avangard missile system complicates its detection and, moreover, the interception of an almost impossible task for modern air defense systems.

Although Daryl Kimball, executive director of the Arms Control Association, argues that the threat of the latest Russian weapons to the US is “limited” against the background of the rest of Russia’s frightening nuclear arsenal, it has called on Washington to begin negotiations with Moscow as soon as possible.

“Washington needs to immediately begin negotiations with Moscow on the regulation of new types of weapons”, – he says.

Meanwhile, according to William Roper, head of the US Air Force’s procurement and technology department, now every US service has been hired by a supersonic program to “let you catch up”.

“Russia and China have made the development of supersonic weapons a priority. We are not”, – the Washington official complained.

Former US Special Agent Admitted that Russia May Make US Military Systems Useless

According to the forecasts of the Pentagon, the United States will be able to catch up with strategic opponents by 2022, but in the expert community, as emphasized by The New York Times, such terms are called extremely optimistic.


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