Explosion thundered in Somali capital

The death toll from a car bomb explosion in the Somali capital of Mogadishu has increased to 50, according to the local Dalsan radio station.

It was previously reported about nine dead.

According to the mayor of Omar Filish, among the dead there are students from the local university. According to the radio station, citing sources in the country’s security services, the explosion also killed four engineers from Turkey. According to sources, they could be the main target of the explosion.

So far, not a single group operating in the region has claimed responsibility for the explosion.

In Somalia, the radical Islamist group Al-Shabab (the “Movement of Young Mujahideen”), which has close ties with the international terrorist organization Al-Qaeda*, is based. It wages an armed struggle against the central government of Somalia and impedes the humanitarian activities of the UN. The group was included in the list of terrorist organizations by the United States in 2008, and sanctions apply to it in the country.
* – Terrorist organization banned in Russia


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