US considers expedient the introduction of UN peacekeepers in Donbass

As soon as the light of a possible cessation of hostilities in the Donbass began to be seen somewhere in the distance, America definitely needed to wedge itself again and try to cast doubt on the new agreements reached by the Norman four.

This time, the United States considers it appropriate to introduce UN peacekeepers in the Donbass. This was stated by US Chargé d’Affaires in Ukraine William Taylor. The United States believes that the restoration of full control of Kiev in the Donbass and the introduction of peacekeepers will lead to a settlement of the conflict.

“Both [Kurt] Walker and other well-known people worked on how to achieve this goal. In their view, the introduction of international forces could be an element of this. This idea was in my mind for a certain time, and I heard that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine recently mentioned this opportunity again. It also seems to me that there is a certain chance and meaning in this, ”Taylor notes.

About how “good” and what specifically Kurt Volker worked in Ukraine has long been known – the result is in person. But whether the USA will be able to shake the situation on the territory of Ukraine with renewed vigor – the question remains open.


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