Religious freedom in Montenegro: security officials “professionally” beat the priest with legs and clubs

Against the background of the fact that the Montenegrin authorities persistently tried to push through the scandalous law “On Religious Freedom,” security officials ruthlessly beat protesters, among whom was an Orthodox clergyman.

The incident occurred last night on the Djurdzhevich bridge across the Tara River in northern Montenegro. Here, along with the parishioners of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Bishop Methodius of Diocles protested. The security forces who arrived at the rally site threw the clergyman and several protesters to the ground, and then began to beat them with clubs and even feet. Two citizens who tried to protect victims of arbitrariness received fractures of the collarbone and hip joint.

This incident did not prevent the head of the Montenegrin police department Veselin Velovic on the social network from thanking law enforcement officers “for the responsible, professional performance of the job”.

As News Front previously reported, the Montenegrin parliament supported the law “On Religious Freedom,” under the democratic name of which hides the legitimization of schismatic groups. However, the public did not appreciate the decision of the authorities, since the new legislation will actually allow the state to confiscate all the property of the canonical Serbian Orthodox Church with the aim of its further transfer to the schismatics from the unrecognized Montenegrin Orthodox Church.