US expelles from the country part of its citizens under the pretext of ‘Christmas break’

Another caravan of Mexican migrants set off for Christmas, but now south of the border. Poor Central American migrants who form caravans to fight off predatory gangs as they cross part of Mexico on their way to the United States have become aware of high-profile headlines and angered President Donald Trump.

But last week, in the Texas border town of Laredo, a caravan of 1,500 families consisting of Mexican migrants and Mexican-Americans headed in the opposite direction – “for the Christmas holidays”, as Western media write, but no one says that “kind” America is just she didn’t accept her citizens, and the US authorities simply expelled her citizens now back to their homeland – to Mexico.

Driving large cars laden with clothes, perfumes and other Christmas presents, Mexicans with all US legal status scantily reminded Central American migrants walking north, except for their common fear of criminal gangs.

“There is a lot of extortion, corruption, many people are attacked,” said Jesus Mendoza, a 35-year-old artist who received legal residence in the United States in August and returned to Mexico for the first time this year since 2001.