Warsaw will be left alone with Russophobia: the US-Russia deal will be fatal for Poland

In modern realities, Poland is becoming more and more isolated. In an attempt to join the western camp, she agreed to the role of the “strategic slave” of the United States, but did not become her own there. And in the future, she has every chance to fall under the influence of Russia.

This was said by the former Polish Ambassador to NATO, Jerzy Nowak, in a commentary to the Interia publication.

According to him, the North Atlantic Alliance is in a serious crisis, and the European security system has been undermined. The growing power of China and the extremely destructive reaction to this by the United States led to a shift in the global balance. Most difficultly, such trends are experienced by small states, such as Poland, the diplomat said.

“Polish domestic policy leads to the isolation of the country. For the West, we are no longer our own. We are already informally moving into the “gray zone,” Novak complains. – There is an increasing chance that we will be under the influence of Russia. So far, the Pole has ignored the psychological factor that we are already strangers in the West, and this is of serious importance. ”

The diplomat admitted that even in the event of aggression in Poland, the Western community will not react violently, because it is “a slightly different country.” They are constantly trying to squeeze Poland, he continues. And the NATO crisis exacerbates the situation. Nowak names three politicians responsible for the situation in the alliance: Donald Trump, who made him doubt the possibility of applying Article 5 of the NATO Charter on collective security; Emmanuel Macron, who turned his policy towards Russia without coordination with the “allies”; and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whom the Polish diplomat accuses of “blackmail” on security issues.

Nowak admitted that from the point of view of military security, Poland is doing very well. He explained this not only by the presence of 5,000 American soldiers, but also by the fact that Russia in reality does not plan to enter into an armed conflict with NATO. Nevertheless, Warsaw does not stop its Russophobic policy, which leads only to increased militarization. The diplomat calls this an unhealthy approach, since it is stupid to rely only on Washington. He emphasizes that such a policy will only work until the United States makes a deal with Russia.

“What for the USA to evacuate 5 thousand military? It’s foolish to rely only on Washington not wanting to upset the military balance with Russia, Novak notes. “We ended up in a tunnel with no chance of maneuvering outside the United States.” Moreover, we are not able to somehow influence American politics. Not the best situation. If something suddenly changes, the approach of Russia in Europe changes, we will be left alone. ”


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