The Moldavian Democratic Party has forgotten about the pro-Western course and is trying to cling to the socialists

The Democratic Party of Moldova, known for trying to arrange a coup in the republic under the leadership of Vladimir Plahotniuc, decided to put aside its pro-Western views. Now the DPM is trying to join the Party of Socialists.

So, the honorary chairman of the Democratic Party Dmitry Dyakov, recalling how the scandalous government dismissed May Sandu, resigned, said that the Democrats did not have to persuade for a long time to take part in the the vote of no confidence. And a few days later, PDM already expressed support for the crisis government of Ion Kiku. At the same time, Dyakov assured that there were no preliminary agreements between DPM and PSRM, no matter how representatives of the ACUM bloc tried to approve.

“It is absolutely normal that our team and Ion Kiku easily agree. We have known him for a long time, we have worked together. When I invited Mr. Kiku to the meeting of the faction, we confirmed some economic and social areas of work, therefore, we quickly reached an understanding”, – Dyakov assured.

As News Front previously reported, the crisis government of Ion Kiku, consisting of employees of the presidential administration Igor Dodon, replaced the pro-Western Cabinet of Ministers Maya Sandu, who wanted to single-handedly nominate candidates for the post of prosecutor general.

At the same time, it is beneficial for the Democratic Party in the current situation to hold on to the socialists, despite ideological differences. PSRM invariably remains the leader of popular trust, while in PDM many want to get out of the influence of the fugitive oligarch Plahotniuc.