Germany: Next refugee debate in Greece

The head of the Green Party, Robert Habek, provoked a heated discussion in Germany with his request to receive refugees from Greek migration camps. Representatives of the Ministry of the Interior categorically reject his proposal.

Germany: Next refugee debate in Greece

Robert Habek offered to take thousands of migrants to Germany and so help a little “unload” the already crowded refugee camps in Greece. At the moment, there are about 4,000 children on the Greek islands, and, according to Robert Habek, Germany should pick them up first.

German Secretary of State Gunter Krings (CDU) immediately rejected Habek’s request. “The goal should be to improve the situation for all asylum seekers in Greece as quickly as possible,” he said in an interview with the Rheinische Post.

Another CDU politician, Armin Schuster, warned of the “uncountable consequences” of the massive reception of refugees. Germany, of course, is ready to help the Greeks and be ready to accept new refugees as part of the European initiative group, but not alone, as in 2015. Schuster added that the situation in Greece should not leave anyone indifferent. Therefore, last week, the German Minister of the Interior sent 55 trucks with humanitarian goods worth 1.6 million euros to Athens.


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