US Democrats did not allow Kiev to return stolen $ 7 billion from its sponsors account

The American administration quite consciously blocked the possibility of investigating the theft of $ 7 billion, which are now in the accounts of one of the US investment funds.

US Democrats did not allow Kiev to return stolen $ 7 billion from its sponsors account

Such a statement was made by the notorious ex-Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko.

According to him, the money is in the Templeton hedge fund, which meant the need for cooperation between Kiev and Washington official representatives. However, the former US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Jovanovic, even lied to the Congress under oath, lied, thereby interfering with the investigation.

“In testifying in Congress, Jovanovic said the following. I quote: “Lutsenko asked to arrange a meeting with senior US officials. As you know, for this he needed to provide information on the topic that he wished to discuss. He was supposed to transmit the data to the representative of the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the embassy, ​​but he did not”, – Jovanovic said all this while under oath.

But here I have a letter from the Prosecutor General, to whom the embassy was provided with all the information on the topic of the meeting. It’s about 7 billion dollars stolen in Ukraine. They are in one of the American hedge funds, said Lutsenko.

At the same time, he emphasized that in this way Jovanovic not only lied under oath, but also prevented the return of finance to Ukraine. The fact is that such a prospect is disadvantageous for the US Democratic Party, the former official explained. Thus, the Franklin Templeton hedge fund, which accounts with Ukrainian money, is a key investor in the Democratic campaign.


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