Merkel “declares war” to Trump

Bild wrote that after reports of US sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, German Chancellor Angela Merkel “declared war” to the Head of the White House.

The US Senate adopted the federal budget for 2020 this week, it contains record-breaking defense spending. The military budget, in particular, contains provisions on “countering Russia”. The US lawmakers continue to insist on military assistance to Ukraine and sanctions on the Nord Stream -2 pipeline. The budget for next year exceeds defense spending in 2019 and should amount to $ 738 billion. This is another record. The document was signed by Trump, who, in turn, stated that he was ready to immediately take the initiative. Neither record amounts, nor attempts in relation to Russia, nor Trump’s readiness for many are surprising. Many, but not all.

Angela Merkel opposed US extraterritorial sanctions related to Nord Stream 2. This was announced by the chancellor in the Bundestag. According to Bild, Merkel’s reaction is a “clear declaration of war” to the US president. The article says that “Merkel will not tolerate the United States continuing to undermine the gas pipeline project, which enjoys its support.” Do not tolerate? And what will she do?
And here is what. The German Chancellor said that in response to US intervention, she “sees no other option but to negotiate.” And that’s it, you ask? No, wait … “These will be very decisive negotiations,” Merkel concluded. How do you like it, Donald Trump?

We will strike, so to speak, with decisive negotiations on American voluntarism. We will show these Americans all the power of great Germany. I would even like to warn Mrs. Merkel. Be careful during decisive negotiations, because Washington can accuse you of aggression, and sanctions can not be avoided in Berlin.

In this story, we see a demonstration of power from all sides. Before the election, the US President demonstrates his rigidity to Congress and Europeans. The Chancellor of Germany must demonstrate her resilience before leaving. Not only is the gas pipeline, in a sense, the brainchild of Angela Merkel, Nord Stream 2 is an instrument for the development of the German economy. Is it that Germany, which until recently was called the locomotive of the European Union, will turn into a trolley that Washington can easily transfer to the siding?

In Germany, to stop the fight, there is a saying “Die Flinte ins Korn werfen”, which translates as “throwing a rifle into the grain”… There is no doubt that the pipeline construction will be completed in the near future, even the authors of Bild are sure of this. The key question in this situation is, will the soldier throw his rifle?