Expert says Russia and Japan can do without a peace treaty

Russia and Japan can develop relations without a peace treaty, relations between the two countries are already developing regardless of the outcome of negotiations on a peace treaty, said Tsukuba University professor and political scientist Itsuro Nakamura, a well-known specialist in Russia in Japan.

“I don’t see the urgent need for a peace treaty, maybe it’s not even needed. Many countries in the world create good and trusting relationships without a peace treaty. Economic and cultural ties between our countries expand without prospects for a peace treaty. For example, many new flights between the Russian Federation and Japan will appear from the end of March next year. The trouble is that the peace treaty issue rests on territorial issues. I think that for now we will move without a peace treaty, and then we will think about the Kuril Islands”, – Al Nakamura the reporters, commenting on the statement by the Russian president that there is a trusting relationship between Russia and Japan, despite the fact that no solution to the peace treaty has yet been found.


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