US athletes are leaders in anti-doping rule violation without consequences

Among American athletes, more than a hundred cases of anti-doping rule violation were recorded, which did not entail any restrictions on the part of WADA regarding participation in international competitions.

According to statistics from the World Anti-Doping Agency for 2017, the United States was in third place in terms of violations. In total, 103 such cases were recorded among Americans. At the same time, France took the second place in the dubious rating (128 cases), and Italy – the first (171 cases). WADA identified Russia in fifth place. According to the agency, 82 violations were recorded among Russian athletes.

These data, which WADA does not even hide, confirm a biased and politicized attitude towards Russia, which they are actually trying to ban participation in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. So, on December 9, the agency of Russian athletes was suspended for four years from participation in major international competitions, allowing participation only in a neutral status.