Plahotniuc hid: Moldovan usurper doesn’t stay too long in Miami

Moldovan oligarch hiding from justice Vladimir Plahotniuc left the United States.

As News Front previously reported, Plahotniuc left Moldova after an unsuccessful coup attempt, when a parliamentary coalition was formed in the republic between the socialists and the pro-Western bloc ACUM. Subsequently, the oligarch was put on an interstate wanted list for money laundering on an especially large scale. This was reported to both Interpol and the embassies of individual countries, including the United States.

It is noteworthy that the American leadership did not contribute to the capture of Plahotniuc, although it was known that since July he has been in Miami. The ambassador of the USA in Chisinau Derek Hogan announced his readiness to extradite the oligarch recently, but on December 14, the term for Plahotniuc’s visa intended for temporary entry expired.

Now, according to some reports, the oligarch went to Europe. In addition, his associates, including former Speaker of the Parliament of Moldova Andrian Candu, were spotted at Vienna Airport. This visit was not advertised. It is possible that there they met with Plahotniuc.