State Duma evaluates Russia’s place in the ranking of most powerful countries

Russia’s position in the ranking of the most powerful countries is obvious, said First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs Dmitry Novikov.

“Today Russia has returned to protecting national interests in the international arena, it maintains a certain economic potential for influencing world processes”, – the deputy emphasized.

According to Novikov, it is important for Russia to maintain its position in the top three powerful states of the world. To do this, it is necessary to strengthen the socio-economic capabilities of the country, said the parliamentarian.

Russia was in the top three list of “the most powerful countries in the world” along with the United States and China in a ranking published in the magazine U.S. News. When compiling it, data on GDP and population, GDP per capita were taken into account. Journalists also note that the most powerful countries in the world “constantly dominate news headlines, have a great influence on the political arena and play a key role in shaping global economic models”.