Pyongyang has nothing to lose: US ascertains Kim to drive Trump into a trap

Almost a year has passed since the second DPRK-USA summit ended, marked by the failure of negotiations. Then Donald Trump refused to ease the sanction pressure on the republic, although Pyongyang fulfilled part of its obligations. Now, all the benefits were in the hands of Kim Jong-un.

Pyongyang has nothing to lose: US ascertains Kim to drive Trump into a trap

This conclusion was reached in the American edition of The Wall Street Journal, commenting on recent events in North Korea.

The author of the article, Timothy Martin, notes that Pyongyang has been very successful in resisting American pressure and even finds ways to circumvent some sanctions. Moreover, the DPRK authorities have already warned that they will change their attitude towards the United States exactly at the height of the presidential race. And this despite the fact that denuclearization has not been on the agenda of the negotiations between Pyongyang and Washington for a long time.

“I doubt that the DPRK is experiencing any kind of pressure. They are in no hurry to make a deal, ”the diplomat, who participated in the US-North Korean talks, commented on the situation. He emphasized that he had never noticed a panic in Pyongyang.

The situation is complicated by the renewed missile tests in North Korea. Only last week, two launches occurred, which completely ruined the strategy of the Trump administration. The head of the White House has already stated that with this approach, Pyongyang could lose everything. The DPRK replied that they had nothing to lose for a long time.

At the same time, the American expert community stated that Kim Jong-un, who, taking advantage of the upcoming presidential election in the US, could force Trump to step aside in the lifting of sanctions, has the advantage. But even if this plan fails, the DPRK will not despair, having done everything to accuse Washington of inaction on the way to resolving the crisis on the Korean Peninsula.


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