People’s diplomacy: Germans stand for dialogue with Russia

In addition to official diplomatic relations between states, a special form of “popular diplomacy” has developed in recent years.

People's diplomacy: Germans stand for dialogue with Russia

This social dialogue plays a very important role in relation to the Crimea and the Donbass. The great contribution of people from Germany and Austria to this process is also interesting.

German MP Gunnar Lindemann has been fighting for peace in these regions for many years.

Patrick Poppel from the Suvorov Institute in Austria also often came to Donbass and Crimea to get an objective picture of the situation.

“Our first goal is to maintain peace in Europe,” Poppel said.

Lindemann and Poppel have repeatedly emphasized that sanctions against Russia also cause enormous damage to the economies of Germany and Austria.

“We should try to make people in Europe understand that we can only benefit from cooperation with Russia. Both politically and economically, ”summed up Poppel.


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