British Parliament will begin consideration of the deal on Brexit before Christmas

British government will submit to the Parliament an agreement with the EU on Brexit on Friday and hopes to advance in this matter before Christmas, the official representative of the Prime Minister’s Office said.

British Parliament will begin consideration of the deal on Brexit before Christmas

Last week, a source of the Conservative Party reported that the agreement would be submitted to the House of Commons in the week starting December 16, and the first vote could pass before the Christmas holidays. The transaction approval process should be completed in January, after which, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans, Britain will leave the EU by the end of the month.

“We plan to start the process (of considering a deal with the EU) before Christmas and will do it in accordance with the law and in consultation with the speaker. We will present a bill according to which the country will leave the EU at the end of January”, – a representative of the Prime Minister told  the reporters, specifying that the document submitted can be expected on friday.

The agreement itself, he said, will be “a document agreed by Britain and the EU, which, the government is confident, guarantees the conclusion of a long-term trade agreement” with the EU.

Despite the belief that the agreement will be approved by the new parliament, the government will not stop preparing for Brexit without a deal.

“This will be continued as a precautionary measure”, – the representative of the Prime Minister added.

The extraordinary parliamentary elections announced in order to solve the problems surrounding the Brexit deal ended in a victory for the conservatives, who formed an absolute majority in the House of Commons. Now, nothing prevents Prime Minister Johnson from securing the approval of his proposed deal and withdrawing the country from the European Union.


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