White House reduces the number of servicemen worthy to listen to Trump’s telephone conversations

After a telephone conversation with President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky turned into a scandal for Donald Trump and the threat of impeachment, the number of listeners to such negotiations was decided to be reduced.

This was reported by CNN, citing its own sources.

According to media reports, now only those officials whom the president personally appointed will be able to attend Trump’s telephone conversations with the heads of other countries. At the same time, Robert O’Brien, adviser to the president on national security, was tasked with creating the list. In addition to O’Brien himself, his deputy Matt Pottinger, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, Presidential Administration Chief Executive Mick Mulvani and his deputy Rob Blair were allowed to attend the talks.

The White House will also seriously reduce the number of employees who have access to telephone transcripts.

“The door of the barn officially closed after the horse escaped,” the source said.


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