Washington imposes sanctions against hundreds of German companies

The initiatives of the US administration are becoming “bad news for the German economy.”

This statement was made by Volker Traer, head of the foreign economic department of the Federal Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Germany, commenting on Washington’s decision to blacklist the companies involved in the Nord Stream-2 project. The restrictions were dragged through the US Congress, including them as amendments to the country’s military budget for 2020.

According to the economist, we are talking about 350 German companies, whose heads now need to “worry about their business” due to the fact that Germany’s energy interests diverged from those of the United States.

“The actions taken by the US Congress will lead to increased instability in world markets. Such a policy will not allow building a new trust, ”Traer emphasized.

As News Front previously reported, Oliver Hermes, head of the Eastern Committee of the German Economy, called US sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 project a blatant attack on EU sovereignty. At the same time, at the government level, the extraterritorial sanctions of the United States were called unacceptable for Germany.