Trump gets twenty pages of serious dirt on opponents

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, will have the opportunity to counter-attack the Democrats thanks to information received from Ukraine.

Trump gets twenty pages of serious dirt on opponents

This was reported by The Wall Street Journal.

According to the media, the personal lawyer of the head of the White House, Rudolf Giuliani, as soon as he returned to New York from Ukraine on December 7, immediately reported on the achievements to Donald Trump. The lawyer assured that he was able to get even more information than expected. Now, Giuliani intends to state all this in a report, which, according to reports, will take 20 pages.

Earlier, Trump himself said that his lawyer managed to find out a lot in the framework of his Ukrainian investigation. However, as the president noted, he himself is not aware of what will be contained in the report.

As News Front reported, even on CNN, which is known for its anti-Trump stance, it was acknowledged that the head of the White House was winning the fight that his opponents unleashed. So, while Democrats are trying to smuggle impeachment, more and more questions arise about the activities in Ukraine of Hunter Biden, the son of the main presidential candidate for the Democratic Party.


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