Trump achieves the goal: U.S. admits Democrats to lose impeachment

While Democrats are persistently trying to remove Donald Trump from the post of US President, more and more questions arise for Hunter Biden, who was engaged in financial fraud in Ukraine under the guise of his father.

This was told by chief analyst at CNN Legal Affairs Jeffrey Tubin.

According to him, there is a persistent feeling that Donald Trump has already defeated the Democrats in this confrontation.

“In a sense, Trump has already won,” Tubin complains. “How often do we hear about Hunter Biden?” Every time about Hunter Biden. ”

At the same time, the analyst emphasizes that now there are serious questions about the activities of the son of the candidate for president of the United States. He called it “an incredible shift in emphasis” in the Trump impeachment process.

“We have a difficult decision for journalists to cover to what extent, but the idea that we are talking about the impeachment of the US president, but again and again confronted with emerging questions for Hunter Biden … I’m even hard to tell what our journalistic duty, because this is news. ”

As News Front previously reported, Democrats are aggressively trying to oust Donald Trump from the presidency. Initially, he was accused of conspiring with Russia, which allegedly intervened in the 2016 presidential election. In this regard, a large-scale investigation, called “RussiaGate,” was initiated. However, evidence of Trump’s connection with Moscow was never found.

Later, the Democrats began to accuse the head of the White House of “pressure” on the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. The fact is that Trump was counting on the assistance of the new Kiev authorities in disclosing information that compromised his Democratic opponent in the upcoming elections, Joe Biden.

The latter, being vice president of Barack Obama, blackmailed Petro Poroshenko, having secured the dismissal of the prosecutor general, who investigated financial fraud in the company of Biden Jr. Democrats could not allow the disclosure of these scandalous facts, so they decided to launch a counterattack in the form of impeachment proceedings.