Swedish church: LGBT people almost recognized the machinations of Satan

Even in the most tolerant picture depicting a biblical paradise, in which there was a place for same-sex couples, they saw an insult to the feelings of the LGBT community.

This picture did not appear anywhere, but in St. Paul’s Church in Swedish Malmo. However, after only ten days, the picture was hastily taken off, fearing the indignation of sex minorities. The pastor of the church, Per Svensson, said that the decision was made after a detailed study of the image, which did not meet the “European values”.

The fact is that together with the gays and lesbians that the author captured, he also depicted a snake, which is considered a symbol of evil.

“The snake in the picture turns into a trans person, the interpretation may be that the trans person is evil or the devil,” the church said in a press release.

The situation was commented on by Bishop Lund Johan Tierberg, complaining that in the modern world even classical Christian symbols can be interpreted in different ways.


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