Zelensky highly estimates the probability of signing a gas transit contract with Russia

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy is confident in signing a new contract for the transit of Russian gas to Europe with a compromise on the number of years it will operate.

“It seems to me that we have a very high percentage of the fact that a contract on gas transit will be signed. This is important not only for Ukraine, but also for Europe. We talked about it both in the Normandy Four and one-on-one with the President of the Russian Federation. I see that everybody is now ready to sign the agreement. That is, now the main issue in the terms of this contract”, – he said on the air of the program “The Right to Property” on the TV channel “1+1” on Thursday evening.

Zelensky noted that the Russian side first offered to sign a transit agreement for one year, while the Ukrainian side offered to sign it for 10 years. “Then we were offered three years, and we offered a compromise for 10 years. I think we will agree on a normal one. I really want to. Negotiations will continue. For some reason, I can say so, I am sure that we will sign a transit agreement. Big money for Ukraine. We need it very much” ,-  he said, stressing that this issue is not a political one, but only an economic one.

Responding to the reference to the TV presenter of Russian President Vladimir Putin at a press conference in Paris, who quoted a quote from the famous poem “And we have gas in our apartment. What about you?”  Zelensky said: “And we have a gas pipeline. And this is the balance”.