Ukraine to try to change some provisions of the Minsk agreements

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky notes that the Ukrainian side will try to change some of the provisions of the Minsk agreements, in particular, on the issue of transferring the border under control of Kiev.

“It will be very difficult, but we must do it. We should understand that four years have passed since Minsk, and everything is changing in our lives. We understand that it was not my team who signed Minsk, but we, as the authorities, have to comply with the conditions that the then government took over, but I’m sure we can change some things, and we will change them”, –  he said on Thursday evening on the TV channel “1+1”.

Zelenskyy stressed that the same paragraph on the transfer of control over the border with the Russian Federation to Ukraine in Donbas after the local elections there is not the position of the current state leadership.

“I have said this, I do not know how many times, and it is the final decision”, –  Zelensky said.

The amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine recorded in the Minsk agreements imply the decentralization that Kyiv is currently implementing throughout the country.

“Minsk clearly states that the amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine are all related to decentralization. Now we are preparing a package of laws on decentralization, you know, throughout Ukraine. That is, it seems to me that we are fulfilling all these obligations. Yes, the wording is a bit different, but it seems to me that, in principle, it fits,” he said on Thursday evening on the TV channel “Right to Property”.

Zelenski believes that he managed to convince Germany and France of this issue.